It is difficult to be in our shoes confronting the most powerful mafia in the world. They are killers, they totally isolate you from income to cut your message, to keep you busy working for them.  They don’t want change, they want to continue poisoning our children’s minds. We have to stop them!

Our presence in Peru is getting changes, they still refuse to contact me about gravity and breakthrough technologies, but Vizcarra without recognizing it, is following my advice in other areas as moralization, not stopping projects, making synergy with Peruvian business owners, it is like masons have feel the impact of our message and for the first time are seriously making efforts for Peru, but Vizcarra still has to grasp that terrorism is a recipe with various ingredients like violent people, foreign mercenaries,  Rothschild mafia, Soros support for ONGs,  Fujimoris political handlers, logistic with complicity of Chile, Colombia part of the Rothschild controlled nations against Peru. etc.

We have terrorism in the south (Vraem) with Chilean smugglers from Iquique financing it, and in the  North East jungle with Colombians in our territory extortioning our native population.  They are part of the CIA cartels for South America, no drug can enter USA without they being involved, so they protect the drug cartels from their hubs Chile and Colombia.

Terrorism in Peru is consequence of this, and the complicity of politicians like Fujimori in control of the Congress, which are the political enablers. They by naming corrupts to justice,  by allowing military bases of the USA in our territory supporting terrorist as they do in Syria, by not stopping the invasion of violent Venezuelans not requesting Visa approval as Chile does and not the stupidity of Peru to accept criminals and terrorists without control. etc.

We have to stop this!

I am assuming the risk for all of us, you can come to my place if you want, but it is not easy, your life is at risk, your economy will be targeted.  They did that isolating me from any scientific funding to continue my investigations on gravity and other breakthrough technologies due my rejection toward the role of masons in favor of satanist world rulers and mutilation of science.

They want to totally disappear me from their controlled Peru. That’s why I am confronting them in politics, they forced me into this and I think they deserve an ideological confrontation with me. They were asking for it abusing me. Isn’t it?


I need your monetary support. I am happy with my mission. I have no fear or doubt about our success, but you need to support my effort and don’t let me abandon it. You are not going to find another in my role, that’s why you have to make me by the day stronger with the help of additional intelligent people paid with your donations!

Your support will make all of us having success against those monsters!

Our children deserve a world without satanism controlling their lives, without terrorism and violent people in our streets because it’s convenient for the political plans of fujimori’s and the world rulers stealing our country. They must not be brainwashed into their values and propaganda. None of them scientist, doctors finding the cure for cancer has to be abused, banned by them.

Do it!  Support their future. Be an immortal with us!

What we are doing here in Peru will set the basis for changes in other parts of the world. Let’s see what happens when people confront the satanist with ideas without fear. It’s our chance to help our children who are going to be abused after us by those monsters.

I am a part of you, the part that you would want to do, but you can’t because of your profession,  your business,  your family. But you know that what I am doing is the right and only way to stop the insanity of the satanist world rulers.

So just put your hand in your pocket and be part of us!

The whole world have to be supporting us!

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