I fulfilled a promise to my God, the one of infinite and pure love, which blessed me with a little of understanding during my years of investigation.

I was shocked by the genocides of innocent people and ritual killings of babies. That abomination changed my life forever. The promise I did was to share with you my views of this reality, and I did it!

I knew it was dangerous and risky to talk the way I did it. I am happy that I was able to overcame fear because I really wanted to give back all the blessings and inspiration I received from God. I learned so much about the reality we live in.

Sadly, there are beings in posesión of far advanced technologies ready to be used against us and they have other values different than respect for our freedom of thinking or speech. They are different from our God and they have disrespect for our souls, live, and love among us.

I received two wonderful gifts from God and I also have the obligation to take care and protect them.

I wish for all of you to be blessed with the infinite love of God!

We are immortal souls and brothers. Love you all.